Church History
William’s Memorial Baptist Church was organized December 22,1969 at the home of Bro and Sis. James Mcfatten located at 11815 Ostego St. Detroit, MI. In the presence of Rev. J.L. Webb; Rev.Jesse Calmese and Rev. Cash, Rev. Webb was pastor of New Mt.Vernon Baptist Church with Rev. Calmese as acting as secretary.
The Church was named “William‘s Memorial Missionary Baptist Church” by Rev. Lawrence McKenny in memory of the late Rev.J.S. Williams. It was voted and accepted by 11 members. The members are as following; Sis Brenda McKenny, Luella McKenny, Grace McFatten, Johnny Mae Miller, Mary Johnson, Sarah Heath, Lucille Curtis, Viola Harris, Clarine Wysinger, Bro James McFatten and Charles Miller. Rev. Lawrence McKenny was elected pastor.
The church then moved to its new location at 3800 18th street in Detroit on January 4, 1970. Rev. McKenny appointed Sis. Curtis as Secretary, Bro McFatten as Deacon, Bro Miller as trustee, mother Johnson as president of the nurse’s guild and Sis Miller as president of the Senior Ushers. Rev. McKenny served as pastor for months. After which he was called to another church in Georgia. The church then called the Rev. J.L. Barber on June 7, 1970; under his leadership the church grew until it had to purchase a larger building located at 2565 Elmhurst, Detroit MI our present location.
God being with us we marched into the new building on February 13, 1972 and paid for the building within 5 years. The first member to join the church was our very own Sis Versie Barber. Soon after Sis Bobbie Boyd joined and to this day is still a very faithful member. Since 1972 many changes have occurred and many lives impacted. With Gods help our membership is still growing. Although in July 2017 Pastor Jessie Lee Barber retired, the church now welcomes the Rev. Raymond Willis as our pastor.
Our associated ministers are as following Rev. Terry Minsy, Rev. Albert Richardson and Rev. Kenneth Croskey. We have Various Auxiliaries, 3 Deacons, 4 trustees, multiple usher auxiliaries, 4 choirs, and a nurse’s guild. Williams Memorial has been the home of many ministers in the past. Some of whom have moved on to Pastor their own churches, they are as following: Pastor Roosevelt Miller, Pastor Ulysses Hinds, Pastor J.R. Young, Pastor JC Haynes, Pastor Haywood and Pastor Roy Reel. Pastor Willie Hinds (deceased), Pastor Lonnie Johnson (deceased), Pastor Myron Stigal (deceased), and Pastor Hill (deceased). Rev. Michael Crayton, Rev. Aloysius Hailey, Rev. Bobby Williamson and Rev. David Shannon, then the deceased are Rev. John Boyd.
The Church is sailing through the rain and storms; with Christ as our captain we will make a safe landing. We do thank God for what he is continuing to do for us.